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Default Shaw PVR HTPC + DCT700

I just signed up for Shaw Digital Cable. I will be getting the DCT700.

I am looking at the connections on the DCT700 and it seems I have a couple options for connecting my HTPC:

1) Split the coaxial line and use separate connections to the PC tuner and the digital box. I understand I'll likely only be able to get channels 2-58 with this method as they are analog, right? Even then, this method will only work for another year or two before the switch to digital becomes reality...
2) Use the RCA connections from the DCT700 to plug into the tuner. Will this let me watch and record all the digital channels? Does WMC download the channel guide too?

With Option 2 could you get a video card with S-Video, use the RCA to S-Video adapter, then plug the sound connection into the line in on the computer? This would be preferable... tuners are going to be useless in the next couple years.
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If you view the HTPC in the same way as a VCR, the following thread should explain all the connections.

The analogue channels do not stop in 2009 in Canada, that's only for broadcasters in the US. In Canada it's 2011 and that may or may not have an effect on the service providers since they can continue with analogue as long as they wish, or there is enough demand.
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I guess my concern was more if the DCT700 will let me output two pictures: One with the OUT Coaxial to the TV, then at the same time using the Composite OUT to the HTPC. Also, I don't really understand WMC's abilities (such as PVR with Shaw and downloading program guides) which could use some clarificatiion.

Furthermore, can the TV Tuner change the channels on the digital box through RCA cables? If not, it's hardly worth setting up a PVR!

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The DCT700 will output both RF and A/V the same time, with the same channel only though.

Channel changing is by IR only on that box. You will need to use a remote, or an IR blaster with the DVR.
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