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Old 2008-01-27, 09:33 AM   #1
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Default Noisy PS3

The fan on my PS3 is very noisy and start around 20 minutes after the beginning of a movie. Anyone have this problem?
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Old 2008-01-27, 09:35 AM   #2
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My fan kicks in about 1hr into a movie for abotu 5 mins, then every 30 mins after for about 5 mins. My PS3 is fairly enclosed though.
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Old 2008-01-27, 02:08 PM   #3
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Ouimzie, mine rarely makes much noise. Perhaps you can post a photo or describe how your PS3 is setup. eg. in a cabinet, its lying down or standing up, etc.
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Old 2008-01-27, 02:13 PM   #4
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It's very important to keep it out of an enclosed case of anykind where hot air can move and escape freely from the unit, I have mine on a A/V shelve that isn't enclosed and the fan has never come on despite running it for up to 5hr with movies or games.
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Old 2008-01-27, 02:15 PM   #5
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My fan comes on steady right from power up, but at a very low level. I've never observed it kicking into high gear as the OP describes here.

My PS3 is on an open shelf, not enclosed.
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Old 2008-01-27, 10:29 PM   #6
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I never hear my ps3 either. I have it on it's end standing up on a shelf, when close to it I hear a very quiet fan and thats all.
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Old 2008-01-27, 11:17 PM   #7
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They definitely vary. The first PS3 60GB I had was pretty well silent. I was given a refurb after my optical drive kicked it and the refurb is definitely louder than my first one.
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Old 2008-01-27, 11:25 PM   #8
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I have mentioned before but mine is about 6ft away in an open rack and I leave it on literally for weeks at a time and I never hear it. I would probably get that checked out.
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Old 2008-01-29, 04:50 PM   #9
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You can not only hear mine, but I swear I could roast marshmallows on the heat coming out of it... between it and my projector, I can shut my furnace off when we watch a BD movie.
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Old 2008-01-29, 10:04 PM   #10
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Default What sound

If I am using my entertainment system, PS3 or Music or HDMovies, its louder that a PS3 fan....seriously, my 60GB PS3 is quiet, best all around device, ever!
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Old 2008-02-04, 05:38 PM   #11
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I think mine must be unusually loud. It's in an entertainment unit, but has plenty of headspace and space around (about 1" all around, and open back). The fan comes on pretty much right away, and is noticeable on anything than a loud action movie. Maybe I should call Sony.
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Old 2008-02-04, 05:41 PM   #12
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1" all around is not my defintion of "plenty of headspace and space around" . The owner's manuals for the TV's, STBs and receivers I have all recommend at least 4" all around as a minimum.
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Old 2008-02-07, 10:54 AM   #13
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My PS3 is also in a cabinet with about 5" all around and vent cutouts in the back. With the front doors slightly ajar for air circulation the PS3 fans come on full blast at around an hour into a movie. At 8 feet away inside my cabinet It was loud enough to distract me at quieter scenes.

My solution, added a 4" computer fan into the back of the cabinet to help increase air flow. The PS3 is now always quiet and the added noise from the computer fan is minimal.

edit: That's weird, my post went into the wrong thread. Admins please move to "Noisy PS3". Thanks.

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Old 2008-02-07, 01:39 PM   #14
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Default ps3 fan noise

My 80 gig has fan noise from the moment you turn it on,this is my second unit as the first the fan noise was audible from 10 feet away.I have it on top of my center channel speaker with plenty of ventilation.The second 1 is a lttle bit quieter but not by much,overall though I like the unit.
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Old 2008-02-07, 05:09 PM   #15
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I have the 80 gig ps3, and i do have fan noise.

The noise has gone down the more i use it.

Mine is on top of my entertainment stand, plenty of air around it.

I thought the fan was going so hard because the unit gets so hot.

I can also hear my HD once in awhile.
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