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Default KP57WS520 Opinions

I am looking at buying this tv but I am most worried about burn in!! I will mostly be playing my XBox and PS2 and later hooking up an HTPC. Should I be worried?? Any other opinions will be welcome...


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Any CRT-based TV has the potential for Burn-in. You need to be "aware", but not paranoid. Most manufacturers recommend that any static image sould not be left on a CRT-based TV for more than 15% of the time (guideline).

A proper setup of the TV will also help - see the Digital Home FAQ "What you need to do to your new HDTV".

Sony have not really excelled at CRT-based RPTVs, you may wish to consider some other brands unless you have a particular tie to Sony.
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I own the Sony 51WS510 which is last years models of the one you are interested in and i absolutely love it. I owned a Toshiba 51 rptv and couldnt stand it so i exchanged it for the Sony.

Its a great set.

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Old 2004-11-20, 04:21 PM   #4
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I bought a KP51WS510( last year's model) late this summer and I find nothing wrong with it. It has a great picture right out of the box. For the price, it has the biggest bang for your viewing buck! It's replacement, the 520( which is mechanically identical, I think) can be had for a little over 2k here in Calgary on sale( sometimes less!).
If you respect it's limitations, wrt to the ideal viewing environment and angles, it provides you with a lot of enjoyment for a modest price;one of the benefits of a mature technology...............
It doesn't perform well in a room with a lot of ambient lite. It is meant to be in a dark, windowless a home theatre room!...hmmmmm....I have mine in a sensory deprivation chamber I call my home theatre room It was a purposely built room for viewing movies with a CRT RPTV in mind. The front wall is flat black, the side walls are dark eggplant? and the ceiling is flat black! With all the wall sconce lites on, you bearly get enough lite to find the remote and DVD case..... Kind of like the glow of the event horizon around a black hole
I have the back of the TV backlit for movie/TV viewing as per the usual reasons..thanks again to all of these great forums!

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Does anybody know if this tv can be split into two? I know its not designed to split like the Hitachi's/Toshibas but I know some tvs can be split, just not as easily as those that are designed to be split.

Thanks for any info
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Originally Posted by DGeorge
Does anybody know if this tv can be split into two? I know its not designed to split like the Hitachi's/Toshibas but I know some tvs can be split, just not as easily as those that are designed to be split.

Thanks for any info
I've had this TV for over a year now. Great picture quality, just as good as some LCD's and DLP's I've seen at stores.

Yes it has PIP. I'm on satellite (*C) here and managed to get PIP using 2 receivers (421B and 505) and some creative programming with my Harmony 659 remote. Only use PIP on rare occasions. If you're on cable, switching back and forth should be a snap.
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Michael TLV
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You can take the front screen off but a whole mess of wires are connected to the screen from the guts of the tV so you cannot easily disconnect them.

The back hood of the set can be disassembled but you still have the screen to deal with ..

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