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Default Slingbox HD

I am not sure if this is the right section to post a question about Slingbox but here goes, if I do get one and set it up on my tv here, can someone be watching my TV on one channel while I am at a different location watching a different channel over my laptop let's say using Slingbox HD?
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The sling box is coNnected to an output of PVR or DVD player or whatever. You can then view on a PC or iPad either somewhere in your house or elsewhere on the Internet. If your device has two outputs that can be controlled separately then you can do what you are asking. But likely not. Of course if you have two PVR for example, you can use one for your sling box and the other for your tv.

Best way to visualize this - if you had another tv next to your existing tv could you watch two channels at the same time ? If not, then the sling box can't either.
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Within the same sling account, you cannot watch multiple streams either. Whenever I'm on my phone watching it, and trying to watch the SlingBox on another TV within the house via the SlingCatcher, it'll ask me to disconnect the phone.
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Thanks guys for the quick response, so what I'm understanding is that if the dvr is connected to the tv by hdmi and component to the Sling Box then what I want is possible?
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No. In order to watch on Slingbox, the Slingbox must be controlling a "receiver", i.e., a cable box or satellite box.

The one box cannot receive and display two different channels at the same time.

Think of the Slingbox as just another TV. If you connect one TV to your cable box using HDMI and hook up another TV to the same cable box using component cables, you can't watch two different shows at the same time on the two TVs.

I suggest you pick up a second cable box. Used boxes are often available cheaply. You don't need a fancy, high end box. Connect it to your cable signal and use it exclusively for the Slingbox. That's what I do.
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