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Default Planning on replacing two receivers

I have a 9242, 6131 (1TB drive), 5900 and 3100. I'm thinking about replacing the 5900 and 3100 with two more 6131 units and a couple of hard drives.

My feeling is that if I do buy two 6131's Bell is sure to announce some new receivers the day after I make my purchases.

When I saw the rental deal - $5.33 for 36 months and then you own it, and that it equaled the up front purchase cost with no interest - I thought great. Then I found this "deal" requires installation by Bell for $75 EACH. Well, that takes away any advantage to renting. I called Bell and they said it was because of the extra warranty one gets. I installed my existing 6131 so I see no reason to have a Bell tech come out and do it.

Anyone know if there is anything in the pipeline that will be released soon? (if not, then watch for an announcement the day after I purchase. )



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Bell recently released the 6400 to replace the 6131. It's OK if you can live with HDMI only output. The 6131 is a better buy if you need optical out, component out, or S-video out for an older TV and/or AVR.
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