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Old 2012-04-12, 09:24 AM   #1
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Default Is it possible to upgrade Android on Galaxy Q?

Is it possible to upgrade Android versions on a Samsung Galaxy Q (smartphone) ? Currently shipped with v.2.2.2 ... some of the later versions of Android look cool but don't know if my Q is capable of upgrading.

Interested to hear from anyone with upgrade experiences (positive or negative). Also interested in hearing from anyone using upgraded or extra capacity batteries...not used to having to charge my phone every other day.

dh in TO
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As far as I can tell there is no official update for the Galaxy Q. There may be custom ROMs available somewhere, but the phone is not especially powerful so I wouldn't expect too much.

Your best bet for extended batteries is eBay.
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you charge every other day? I wish... Your getting above average time on your battery thats for sure...

Ebay is the best option for picking up spares
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Uncle Scotty
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Default If you think the battery life sucks..........

Don't try making a Bluetooth call!

The SGH-T589R (Samsung Glalaxy Q) absolutely SUCKS BIG TIME at doing Bluetooth!

I own the phone and two different BT headsets...a BlueAnt and a Motorola. Both headsets work just fine on other phones. But on the Galaxy, the headset invokes the Voice Dialer on the phone which then asks you to "Speak now".

But it asks at such a low volume (half volume) that you can hardly hear the prompt. (If you're in a moving vehicle, chances are you won't hear it at all).
Yes, you CAN turn the volume up using the volume rockers on the side....but, aHAH!! Caught you messing with your phone while driving!! You're UNDER ARREST!

What good is Bluetooth if you have to look at your phone or play with it to wee what it's doing while making a call? Furthermore, when the voice dialer says "Did you say call Jackie at home?"......and what you really said was "Call Arnie at work"........and you can't hear the you say YES......and end up calling Vancouver by mistake........that can be costly.

Do NOT buy this phone if you want to make Bluetooth calls!
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