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Old 2012-06-21, 12:01 PM   #226
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Nothing has changed here in the Arctic at all.
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Old 2012-06-21, 06:53 PM   #227
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I don't actually know if N6 is up and running yet or not, but it seems odd that some of readings have gone up.

Now the only true way of finding out is those in "The Far South" if they had a signal on certain trs and now there's nothing you most likel know N6 is up and running.

In any case by late July or late Aug by the latest you know N6 is up running.
Bayguy and ADM222 from our southern provinces have both reported loss of a few transponders. This could be because they are using a SD receiver and these transponders have switched to HD or because they are now out of the footpath.
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Old 2012-06-21, 07:54 PM   #228
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Colin, tp 9 is also at 0%

I checked 3 channels that lynsat says are on tp 9 and those channels are now on tp 32.

So now tps 5,9,11,17 or not in use with SD receivers
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Old 2012-06-22, 01:36 PM   #229
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On the morning of June 20th, I woke up to find that ALL of my subscribed channels were missing on my 6131 receiver. Upon doing a self-resynchronization using the Bell website, all of the channels have since returned. I'm just wondering if this might have been caused by a changeover to N6??
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Old 2012-06-22, 05:53 PM   #230
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Nope, that is just Bell being Bell. Happens to most people from time to time.
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Old 2012-06-25, 11:10 PM   #231
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Normals for my meter are 12.9 to 13.3 on 91 and anywhere from 15.0 to 15.6 on 82. Lately on some installs my 91 signal has been as low as 12.1-12.4 even when 82 is what it is normally. Then sometimes it's spot on like normal.

Nothing different about my method.....using the same single LNB to point with and still getting different results.....skew and elevation spot on as always, but it's driving me up the wall trying to figure out if it's the satellite or the tech.
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Old 2012-06-26, 07:38 AM   #232
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I've noticed that lately too. We had some heavy rain here a few days ago that actually knocked out most of the transponders on 91 at my house, where I've never had a problem before with any weather. It will be nice when N6 is fully functioning, but until then it's making things slightly more difficult lol
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Old 2012-07-04, 09:55 AM   #233
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As of this morning, almost every Transponder on Bell 91 is at 100%, except for TP 5, 9, 11, 17 which don't work on SD receivers, and TP's 29, 30, 31, 32 are still low.

I'm guessing that the new Nimiq6 is almost 100% operational, because I had only 4 TP's at 100% before.
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Old 2012-07-04, 10:48 AM   #234
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Location: Ottawa
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Using a 6131 readings in Ottawa

Condition some what cloudy with sunny breaks.

TRS 1-18,21,23,24,27 & 28 are 100%
TRS 19 89%
TRS 20 87%
TRS 22 88%
TRS 25 96%(down 4% from 100%)
TRS 26 96%
TRS 29 86%
TRS 30 84%
TRS 31 85%
TRS 32 89%

So it appears 23 TRS are at 100% while the remaining 9 TRS vary from 84% to 96%.
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Old 2012-07-04, 11:22 AM   #235
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Yesterday I noticed transponder 1 sitting at 85%, then jump up to 100% for a few seconds, then back to 85% for 30 seconds or so, and this just kept going on. I suspect it's only a matter of time before it's fully operational.
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Old 2012-07-04, 11:25 AM   #236
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Location: Nova Scotia
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Here in N.S. on a 3100 on the TP's that I get all at 100 except 19,20,29,30,31,32 riding around 86 to 90 percent.
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Old 2012-07-04, 12:04 PM   #237
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FYI here in Baja BC we've lost a lot of 91 xpdrs since last time I checked maybe last week. 1-18 are gone we only have 19-32 exept 27 & 28.
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Old 2012-07-04, 01:59 PM   #238
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Location: Ottawa
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So it appeards N6 is up and running with perhaps 23 TRS coming from N6 and only 9 TRS coming from N1?
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Old 2012-07-05, 08:13 AM   #239
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Thursday July 5 2012
BTV N6 sat is in full operation. I am receiving 100% signal from TRS 1 thru 32. Using a 6131/9241 receivers to verify.I'm not sure if this occurred over night or early this morning.
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Old 2012-07-05, 09:06 AM   #240
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Lucky you! I haven't a single transponder over 75 this morning. Reception seems fine however so I'm not worrying yet.

(Nasty rumor down in the Maritmes that Bell Aliant want everyone to switch to their local TV service and that to encourage this they have arranged to make the satellite's footprint less than optimal in this area).
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