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I've been on Wind since Aug 2011. I've been very happy. I live in the GTA. I've not had any more issues than I had with Fido. I like the fact that I have an unlocked phone and can switch out SIM cards when I travel. I own the phone. Good bye to the out of control and out of this planet usury rates from Fido. I pay $29 for unlimited data, voice and text in the wind zones. The only downside is the network isn't as large so I sometimes get roaming charges on Rogers GSM network.

I was with Fido from the late 1990s. Fido was great until they were bought by Rogers. Then the pricing was increased and customer service went down the tubes. They didn't care about grandfathered plans, added surcharges etc. etc. Oh, if you don't like our new plans .... screw you. Go to somewhere else. And by the way you have another x years on your plan and you have to pay y to get out of your plan.

Those that complain about customer service at Wind, I agree. It isn't the best. But it hasn't been anywhere as bad as Rogers.
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