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Old 2012-02-03, 11:23 AM   #211
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sibble-comp and S.Chan, Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I have been away and using a smart phone for keeping up and missed this thread somehow.

Here is my current bill (really not at all similar to yours, s-c):

Double Play Discount -10.00
Tier 2 11.00
Basic Cable 40.95
HD Plus Package 12.00
Movieclub 12.00
Extreme 62.00
Monthly Services Total $127.95
GST 6.40
Total Monthly Bill $134.35

(NOTE:When I call in and ask about my account, the reps tell me they can see the first item on my account is the '-$5.00 Purchased Modem' discount but they can't explain to me why it doesn't actually show up on my printed bill. Can you say 'rip off'?)

Under the 'new' offer, I am getting:
Tiers 1,2,3
Basic Cable
HD Plus

All of the above for $114.92, tax included.

This is for 12 months and I was told after that time I can 'call and see what they can offer me at that time'. The 'pitch' for the above is that BB50 is 'free' for the 12 months and the Phone is only $5/month. Phone is supposed to have free North America long distance and three calling features: Call display, Call Waiting and Voice Mail. The new modem for BB50 is a 'free rental' to go with the service. I guess the discount comes from the 'loyalty' people/department/program or whatever you or they might be calling it.

I am actually on the phone right now with a rep checking it all and he has confirmed it. He also just offered me Movie Central, that includes Movieclub, for 2 months at half price. Regular price is $17/mo so it will only be $8.50 for the first couple of months, further reducing my 'new' bill. After the 2 months, the price will go up to the regular $17 if I decide to keep it and the total monthly bill will be right at $120, all in. That's still almost $15/mo less than I am paying now and I would have all the Movieclub content I have now along with the SD movie channels and the two HD ones, including HBO Canada as well as included VOD programs.

Kind of a sweet deal so I'm looking forward to seeing if it actually all comes through today or if it will take a day or two to actually get sorted out.
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Old 2012-02-03, 02:07 PM   #212
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The $5 modem discount is something to be ignored. It's not actually a discount, what they do is they increase the price of the internet to $5 more than the advertised price (Extreme $67), and then apply the $5 modem discount to bring it back down to the advertised price (Extreme $62). The Double Play Discount is then applied to bring it down to the bundled price (Extreme $52).

The free modem rental is part of the BB50 offering. Shaw doesn't sell Docsis 3 modems, so you have to rent a modem; Shaw doesn't charge a rental fee, so it's a "free rental".

As far as whether you're getting "free BB50" and "$5 phone", we'd have to add up and compare:

In AB, $114.92 is $109.45 + GST (no PST)
Regular prices:
Classic Cable $66.95
HD Plus $12.00 (grandfathered rate)
BB50 $59.00
HP Basic $24.95
VM/CW $ 5.95
free NALD 12mos $0
total: $168.85
current rate: $109.45
savings: $ 59.40

So, you're saving $59.40/mo , which is nothing to sneeze at, but to say that you're getting free BB50 AND $5 phone ($78.95 value) would be a bit of an overstatement.
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Old 2012-02-03, 03:37 PM   #213
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Default Best of HD going up 75% Feb 5th

best of HD will cost $35 on Feb 5th. Existing subscribers are grandfathered at $20. Medium SPP will include entertainment 1 and sports 1 instead of BoHD.
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Old 2012-02-03, 03:57 PM   #214
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Can anyone in Shaw confirm the comments from Saberon?

Fact or Ficiton?
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Old 2012-02-03, 03:58 PM   #215
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Wow that's quite an increase if true!
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Old 2012-02-03, 03:59 PM   #216
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Originally Posted by saberon View Post
best of HD will cost $35 on Feb 5th. Existing subscribers are grandfathered at $20. Medium SPP will include entertainment 1 and sports 1 instead of BoHD.
Where did you hear this from? I myself is treating this as fiction until someone from Shaw can confirm this
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Old 2012-02-03, 04:04 PM   #217
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I frequent [a competing forum] and have a guy who works at shaw. He posted this. I know he's an employee because he checked into my account once. I've posted a few things he's said here before and hey all happened.

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Old 2012-02-03, 04:28 PM   #218
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Please post a link to where this is on the [competing forum].

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Old 2012-02-03, 04:29 PM   #219
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I went to Shaw's site and could not find anywhere that there is going to be a price increase on Sunday. Why would the increase start into the month, usually it is the first of the month. Just glad I switched in December when the new bundles were offered.
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Old 2012-02-03, 04:47 PM   #220
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Please post a link to where this is on [the competing forum].
Posting links to competing forums is not allowed under the DHC rules.

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Old 2012-02-03, 05:11 PM   #221
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This will suck if its true. My intro deal expires on feb 23. I called in the other day to go from hdplus to best of hd. They said they could postdate the change.

I'm guessing i'd get stuck with the new rate. Maybe I should give it a day to read this forum.. if it seems the rate really is going up, i can try and get them to push it through tomorrow.
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Old 2012-02-03, 05:18 PM   #222
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I too would like confirmation or denial of this rumor from anybody on the board that works for Shaw. I am currently on the legacy, b/c i am getting a good deal on my internet, my promo ends May 31, But in the long-term would save more money if i got best of hd before it goes up.
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Old 2012-02-03, 05:24 PM   #223
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Default Better not be a Frakkin Price Increase

Here's my bill as it stands today

Funny, I can't even log in to my account right now...the login slots are simply not there on the page.

Anyhow, Here's my bill as it stands

Current Monthly Services 17 Feb - 16 Mar 2012

Digital Classic 66.95
Double Play Discount -10.00
Shaw Digital terminal 11.95
Shaw Digital terminal Discount -9.00
HD Plus 16.00
Extreme 62.00
Total 137.90

Keep in mind as per my previous post that we here in Powell River only get 29 HD Channels, and NO Regional, Local, Global, CTV or CBC in HD. Everyone else in our region seems to get 40-43 HD Channels including Global, CTV, and CBC from Vancouver. I already tried calling, and all I get is "...well maybe you can reduce some pkg's to make it more cheaper..." seriously. No offer whatsoever on reduced costs.
I need to hear from others in our area (BC) what your similar pkg rate is. If it's near or at the same, then I have a case. Actually, I would be quite happy if they would just upgrade our HD service here. I mean even Bowen Island with a pop of 3000 gets better service than our city.

Not lettin' this go..... >:-|
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Old 2012-02-03, 05:54 PM   #224
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HDPVR rental also went up from $6 to $10, that one is already on
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Old 2012-02-03, 06:00 PM   #225
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I just had another thought.

What if they're just redoing the best of hd package. IE the current one omits HDnet, Oasis, and Discovery World. I wonder how many people just added those 3 channels on anyways. If the $35 is a slightly different package that includes these 3 channels. It might actually save a buck or two?

I have also noticed they haven't removed the 5 new channels from my current hd plus package yet?
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