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I like how Naguib Sawiris,he billionaire financier behind the Wind Mobile attacks the Canadian government for not opening up to foreign direct investment for foreign capital. He compares us to China as the worst countries to invest.
you know guys he's right we are probably one of the worst country to invest in because of those practice

Dictatorship aside, you have to wonder, if he didn't like our politics then why invest in the Country? Orascom knew going in what the rules were.
Hugh if no one try those practice will stay as they are now
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I doubt Sawiris' goal was to change the Canadian market that dramatically, as he's no philanthropist, and it's only the protectionist policies that make the Canadian market so attractive. Without those policies, you're looking at a massive country with a ridiculously low population density. Even factoring in the wealthiness of Canadians relative to the other markets Sawiris may have considered, a third world country with a significantly higher population density is still likely a more economically viable proposal, particularly in the short term.

I think Sawiris and Wind's problem isn't so much the antiquated laws and policies as the fact that the CRTC and the Canadian government is very slow to change them. Of course, this is normal in a democracy, but if you've been working for years under fascist regimes then you would be used to rapid change when you needed it. I think Sawiris is also a little shocked at the uncompetitive practices of the Big 3, and the fact that the CRTC seems uninterested in enforcing current competitive policies or creating new ones (such as fair tower sharing).

Again, of course, some preliminary research into the market he was investing so much money into would have turned this kind of information up pretty quickly.
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