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Old 2012-07-04, 07:36 PM   #31
01 Boxer
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There are two problems with True Blood. The first one is that they have too many characters with too many plotlines scattered all over the place. Most of them are just there as filler.

The second problem is Sookie herself. Any character that falls in love with her immediately becomes extremely boring. Once Bill and Eric stayed away from her, they became interesting again.
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Old 2012-07-16, 11:24 AM   #32
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I see were are back again with the Fairies ....
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Old 2012-07-23, 07:10 PM   #33
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My wife and I have fallen into a pattern of watching a entire season of shows over a couple nights. It certainly adds a completely different perspective in terms of a shows pacing. We watched the first 6 episodes this weekend. It's ok, not great but ok. I'm glad they didn't add any new supernatural creatures this year.....they didn't right? We ONLY have:

Evil Shaman
MAENADS (Maryann Forrester, had to look her up)

Riiiight, I missed Ifrit! Wonder when the rest of the elementals show themselves. I can't wait for a 1/2 dressed Shiva!

Poor Jason, his only supernatural ability is his virility
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Old 2012-07-24, 11:04 AM   #34
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My wife and I are at a lost as to what's going on this season..... to the point of if we miss it - oh well...
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Old 2012-07-24, 04:34 PM   #35
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I hear and agree w/ you @rob1. Season 5 is terrible, but I keep watching. Go figure!
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Old 2012-07-24, 05:32 PM   #36
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Is it that much worse than last year? The first year was brilliant but it's been declining steadily since. The first year's premise of vampires coming out the closet is belied by the fact that it seems no one is really human anyways. In between fairies, shapeshifters, werewolves, that silly thing that Lafayette is, etc. you wonder what took the vamps so long to come out of the coffin anyways. Humans seem to be a minority.
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Old 2012-07-25, 08:34 AM   #37
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Hmmm...didn't Hero's go this route?

Not many humans - not many ratings.....
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Old 2012-07-25, 08:56 AM   #38
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Originally Posted by rob1 View Post
Not many humans - not many ratings.....
Good way to put it! With nobody that the viewing audience can identify with - or even find reason to care much about - how will you keep the audience coming back?

I have not read the books, so I have to wonder if this is how the books went, or if they have taken it in a different direction? That is what they have done with the Jesse Stone movies, and I think the storytelling has suffered because of it.
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Old 2012-07-25, 01:12 PM   #39
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I guess we are not the only ones complaining...

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Old 2012-07-26, 08:49 AM   #40
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Still watching it.......but with quite a few more eye-rolls .....i laughed hysterically (well almost) at the scene where Sam was rolling around smelling the ground
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Old 2013-03-31, 10:06 PM   #41
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Season 6 teaser...

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