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Old 2010-08-29, 09:30 AM   #46
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Default Ordered a 2nd one

I am impressed enough after having my 630 for a few days that I ordered another one to replace my other 530. It certainly meets my expectations and I have not been able to cause it to have problems no matter what I do with it since 0.13
with Telus Optic
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Old 2010-08-29, 09:38 AM   #47
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Received 630 thurs pm, connected it then called for acactivation worked ok.
Only problem i have is search to day for movies came up with none existing
Upgraded from a 505.
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Old 2010-08-29, 11:00 AM   #48
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Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
Hi Zebb2000,

Disk Space usage can be found in the PVR Options menu...
Thanks SD 630 Support!! Works as explained.

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Old 2010-08-29, 02:13 PM   #49
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I can't seem to get the 630 audio working with a Rocketfish Optical audio wire connected to our Pioneer VSX-1015TX receiver. For now I'm using the RCA jacks audio connection.

I've never used Optical audio before. Any tips about using this? One thing I notice is that the wire doesn't seem to make a secure connection on both the 630 & can easily fall out. I see a little dust cover on the Pioneer that pushes in when you insert the Optical connecter. Does this dust cover have to be forcibly removed to get a secure connection?
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Old 2010-08-29, 02:18 PM   #50
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What's the best video setting to use? I have it on 1080i and it seems to zoomed in a bit cause some of the screen is cut off at the bottom (golf scores only half there)
What is everyone else using?

Update: I found my problem. These new 630s come with a zoom button(b button) I had pressed it and zoomed the picture. I hit it again and were back to normal.
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Old 2010-08-29, 02:54 PM   #51
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Originally Posted by QualityIsJobOne View Post
I can't seem to get the 630 audio working with a Rocketfish Optical audio wire connected to our Pioneer VSX-1015TX receiver...
Make sure the little clear plastic clips are removed from the new optical wire ends. You have to turn the optical ends to the correct position before you insert them into the hole. Sometimes takes a bit of fiddling before it goes in properly. Also make sure you press the correct audio button on the remote control of your Pioneer. Try all the different buttons until you hit the right one

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Old 2010-08-29, 03:00 PM   #52
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Location: Bedford NS
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Thanks so much Lester...that was exactly the problem...My wife told me to go on the forum to get the answer....
DirecTV 1994-98...StarChoice/ShawDirect 1998-
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Old 2010-08-29, 10:10 PM   #53
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I noticed a skip forward difference compared to the 530. If you have skip forward set to a minute for example and you have less than a minute until you caught up to live, pressing skip forward won't do anything, you have to press FF. The 530 would just go into live, for me I prefer the 530 method but it just might take getting use to. Maybe an setting I overlooked?
Since the firmware upgrade not a glitch, kinda nice to have HDMI since my receiver converts to 1080P better than my TV.
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Old 2010-08-29, 11:52 PM   #54
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There's something off about the picture on the 630. It seems to be using the YCbcr colour space instead of RGB. Wasn't 530 using RGB?

Also, SD channels are really fuzzy.
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Old 2010-08-30, 12:17 AM   #55
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Default My SD and HD channels are much better than my 530's

One of the things I really like is the picture quality improvement over my 530's especially on the SD channels. I have not changed any of the settings on my TV
with Telus Optic
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Old 2010-08-30, 12:25 AM   #56
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The old machine was dvi. Dvi would have outputted rgb, specifically rgb pc levels which change brightness and contrast. Overwashed out bright scenes, crushed blacks. The new one is hdmi. It can output ycbcr or rgb, i generally prefer ycbcr since its the format of blue ray. Ycbcr outputs a more limited range so unless your tv is adjusted for the new white and black levels, blacks can be crushed, whites can be blown out.

Colorspace should not be a huge difference, but it can make the colors look off depending on how your set is calibrated or what your used to.
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Old 2010-08-30, 11:08 AM   #57
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Default 630 pvr

Just got my 630 last Fridayand got it hooked up and activated, a very painless procedure I might add. A couple of things, first, i have the output set to hdmi and the screen to 16 x 9 then when I tried to enable the overide to 480i it sort of shuts the box down, because I have composite cables going to a dvd recorder i was able to go back and turn the overide off. Now i am always having to adjust the screen between normal for HD and stretch for SD.
Has anyone else noticed this problem?
I scanned the codes with the new 630 remote for my older Techniques receiver and it only allows me to turn the receiver on and off, can not adjust volume or anything else.
Lastly I have noticed that the new pvr wants to reboot itself now and again, 2 or 3 times since Friday.
Other than these minor issues i am very pleased with the box so far.
If anyone would like to comment please feel free.

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Old 2010-08-30, 01:06 PM   #58
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Have had my 630 activated about a week now. Generally pleased with it but it did auto reboot one time. The only problem I have to date is that channel 505 (Discovery) does not have sound. Did a reset and also tried every combination of sound settings but to no avail. Have not tried every channel of course so there may be others. Anyone else having similar problems? Have not reported this yet as the techs don't seem to have a handle on the 630 yet.
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Old 2010-08-30, 01:09 PM   #59
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Lester... Options 4-1- Descriptive Video should be turned "Off", SAVE and probably turn off the box and turn on just incase it doesn't kick in.
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Old 2010-08-30, 02:00 PM   #60
SD 630 Support
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Post Video Settings Summary

Hi rdgt2,

The "HDMI" Output Format actually has the receiver query the TV as to its preferred resolution and adjust accordingly. As such, a 480i override isn't necessary.

For most people, we don't recommend using the "HDMI" output format - set the Output Format to 1080i (or 720p if you prefer) and then turn the Override on or off depending on your needs. Not all TVs report a correct "preferred" value, and on some TVs using the "HDMI" setting causes longer channel changes.

Here's a quick summary of the Video Settings found in OPTIONS 4-5:

Output Format
1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i are the resolutions you can force all content to. This only applies to the HDMI and Component video output.

Native will output at the same resolution as the channel comes in at with no conversion. On some TVs, this causes longer channel changes as the TV adjusts to the new resolution with each change. See 57's post here.

HDMI will query the TV as to its preferred resolution and adjust accordingly. This is not recommended as some TVs seem to request 480p or 480i, and suddenly you're not getting HD resolution anymore.

4x3 Override
The 4x3 Override setting will "override" the specified Output Format when tuned to SD channels.

TV Type
Leave this on 16x9 unless you have a 4x3 square HDTV.

Summary Version:
For most people, we recommend an Output Format of 1080i.
1) If you want SD stations stretched by your TV, set the 4x3 Override to 480i.
2) If you don't want the SD stations stretched, leave the 4x3 Override Off.

Regardless of your settings, you can always use the ASPECT button on the remote to Stretch or Zoom the picture if desired.
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