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Old 2010-09-03, 03:03 PM   #556
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Received the 630 this afternoon

Will be calling in to setup tonight and will post in the "Owners" forum

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Old 2010-09-03, 03:16 PM   #557
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was yours a pre-order Rob1?
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Old 2010-09-03, 03:36 PM   #558
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Retentions order from two weeks ago....$99 trade in deal
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Old 2010-09-03, 05:14 PM   #559
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Ordered my 630 Monday afternoon and received it at lunch time today.

I did the 199 and kept the 530 offer. I asked about PPV credits at activation and received 50 dollars worth. The installer is coming Tuesday to run the lines for the 530.

All and all a great experience.
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Old 2010-09-03, 06:13 PM   #560
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After all my prior issues with 530s, I was hesitant to start with the 630. But you guys inspired me due to some great deals you got. So I called Customer Relations and was glad I did. I got the 12-month free rental, free installation of the fourth line, free shipping plus a buyout of $99 after the year. I was going to try for $99 and didn't know if I had a chance, but she offered it! And a multiswitch too.

The Hans

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Old 2010-09-03, 11:08 PM   #561
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Yes, it is possible for 505 owners to get a discount on the 630. It took me a lot of back and forth with them by email and phone, complaining about how their screwy HDCP firmware essentially broke my perfectly good receiver, and how I would have went with Bell if Shaw Direct's receivers had that limitation from the start.

I got $200 off, but have to pay the HST on the full amount. So $250ish to a credit card, and the $14 shipping on my bill. And I keep the 505.

They did admit that there is no firmware fix for the 505s and there never will be, and so far the 630 is their only receiver that doesn't have the HDCP issue.

I did start this as a new topic, since this one's 99% about 530>630 upgrades. But it was deleted. Apparently we're fans of 50 page topics with extremely wide subject matter around here.
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Old 2010-09-04, 02:15 AM   #562
ABM 111
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Thumbs up

I received mine today
Rented 3 days ago for $15 a month
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Old 2010-09-04, 11:05 AM   #563
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Ordered mine last Monday afternoon. Received the empty box for the 530 on Wednesday (shipped to wrong address) and got the 630 yesterday. (also sent to the wrong address)

Took five minutes to activate and was told to leave it on ch. 350 to have the guide populate. (4 hours the first time) Within 30 minutes the update started downloading and about 40 minutes later the receiver rebooted and kept rebooting every 60 seconds for 2 hours. Unplugged it and went to bed and this morning plugged it back in. One more reboot then became stable on ch. 350. No guide info so I'll leave it there for a few hours and see if all is OK.
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Old 2010-09-04, 11:22 AM   #564
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Keep us posted Pooch15. I'm curious if remains stable.
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Old 2010-09-04, 01:06 PM   #565
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So, has anyone gotten "the deal" after Aug 31st? I had emailed my mother-in-law on the 31st but she didn't call. Should I even bother telling her to phone?
"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough!"
- Mario Andretti
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Old 2010-09-04, 01:17 PM   #566
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My post #530 was based on a conversation I had on Thursday Sept 2 and several postings of "deals" have been added since. Nothing changed after August 31st that I know of.
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Old 2010-09-04, 01:20 PM   #567
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Location: The Okanagan, B.C.
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Originally Posted by dejrfan View Post
So, has anyone gotten "the deal" after Aug 31st? I had emailed my mother-in-law on the 31st but she didn't call. Should I even bother telling her to phone?
I got my deal detailed on post #535 just yesterday, September 3.

The Hans
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Old 2010-09-04, 10:40 PM   #568
i am canadian
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Q.C.
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Talking i'm in!!

well Thanks to you all in the forum! i will be a new owner of a brand new 630!!
since shaw announced they would have a new machine coming i was very curious &i found this forum and read all the deals that you guys were getting.. i'm with shaw/start choice since 2001, and i wrote to"ask jim" for a deal &offers for the 630.. 50$of ppv free.. and 50$free of programming credit. no deals here very pathetic.. must be a robot who responds!

so i call shaw here in quebec and spoke with them no deals! 399$ that's it very firm,i tried later 2 weeks after same message and he started to tell me about having 2 lines and shipping fees.. wait a minute i told him ..offer me a real deal then we'll get to that later.. nothing would make him to lower his price..oh well i guess the french reps doesn't know how to deal.. so i called shaw in english--and it worked-- and i spoke to a very nice rep and after i told her about the 99$ deals and the 199$ etc.. she kindly transferred me to their CR and i got this offer that i accepted; 1 year free rental +199$ buyout after, free shipping&installation.. the 99$ i would of had if i had the 530.. i have a 505..i forgot to ask about some free ppv.. supposed to get my new 630 at the end of the month..
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Old 2010-09-05, 11:28 AM   #569
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Location: Kirkfield, ON
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Default Anyone replace their HD in 630?

Was wondering if the re-authorization of a blank drive works with the 630 as it does with the 530? Also, anyone know what type of connector is in the 630 (SATA, IDE, that wierd USB->IDE connector that's in the 530?)
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Old 2010-09-05, 12:09 PM   #570
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Default Which PVR?

BEV customer here and my current SD package is being deleted so I'm thinking it's time to shop around, Shaw's monthly package is $1 more then my old BEV package (so about $10 less then new one will be) but I'm confused about which PVR to buy.

The box stores have the older silver/gray model (530?) with no HDMI out for $300 and Shaw's website has a new one for $400.

The box store guy says don't worry about the lack of HDMI since shaw only broadcasts HD in 720 anyway. I know some of the signal is lowered to that because of bandwidth but they never broadcast in 1080?

Any idea if the new one is compatible with the Harmony 720 remote? It's not listed on the harmony site.

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630, pre-order

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