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Default MTS Ultimate TV "Galaxie Access" Channel Displays Song & Artist

Channel 600 is the "Galaxie Access" channel that loads an app to allow you to select a music genre and displays the song and artist as well as the next selection.

For details, go to and select "How To" and "How To Use Galaxie Access".

Galaxie Music channels can still be accessed (without title track and artist information) on channels 601-645.
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Thanks for the tip. I also saw something about Caller ID, but it doesn't appear to be functional yet.
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yeah thanks......also looking forward tp call display. The "Message centre" doesn't even show up on my screen yet.

I wonder if we have to reboot?


this was on the site

Coming Soon!
Call Display on MTS Ultimate TV
See who's calling from the comfort of your couch!

If you already subscribe to Call Display on your MTS Home Phone, you will automatically receive Call Display on MTS Ultimate TV, allowing you to see who is calling you right on your TV screen.
Using this service, you're able to:

See the name and number of your incoming calls on your TV screen
View your recent calls
Personalize your display settings
Access the last call received
If you would like to subscribe to MTS Home Phone Call Display call 225.5687 ( CALLMTS).
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Old 2010-02-09, 12:02 PM   #4
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I tried this app out and I'm not terribly impressed. The UI is programmed in Galaxie Red, which is a little jarring the first time you see it. It reminds me of something from the 1980s running on an IBM PC with floppy disk drives. I guess you can get used to the colour.

There is a column of only 4 channels out of a total of 45. You navigate with the up and down arrows, no page-down, no channel numbers to let you know where you are in the list. It works but it's not great. Also you can't record 600, but you can record the rest of the 600s and 700s.

The good news is that has relaunched their web site. So if you have a PC handy, you can listen to any of the 600s and check the web site if you really need to know the song that just played. They now have a 24 hour history. See my comments here:

Channel 600 didn't show up on my VIP1200, so I had to reboot it. Just a heads up, in case someone else doesn't see 600.
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Thanks, for the info, I've been waiting for that.

Agree with Dr.Dave, the interface is rather clunky.

If you like Latino Tropical it looks like that means clicking the down button
45 times!

And if you want to see what else is own & hit the Guide button it takes
you right out of the music, & you have to start all over again.

But its a start.
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You must be viewing channel 600 on an SD tv. I get a list of 10 channels along the left side, and the song information on the right when I view on my HDtv, on my SD tv it is only 4 channels at a timie on the bottom.

I like the look, although i agree that the red is ugly.

Also seems like pressing menu or guide or search within channel 600, 2010 or 2011 will close the channel back to a launch page.
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