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Default Transporting 50 inch TV from store - will it fit in backseat of Sunfire?

Transporting 50 inch TV from store - will it fit in backseat of Sunfire? Just wondering if I pick-up a 50 inch Samsung Plasma will it fit inside box in my backseat?
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My gut would say no but why don't you just measure? The retailer can give you the box size.
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Boxed, our new 46" Sony KDL-46V5100 was an extremely tight fit inside the back seat area of my '06 Honda Accord, so I highly doubt a boxed 50" TV will fit inside the smaller Sunfire.

When we exchanged the V5100 for a V4100, we unboxed the TV, set it upright on a blanket on the back seat, stuck the box into the trunk, bungee-corded the trunk lid down and slowly made our way home. That worked very well.
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Default 50 "

It would probably fit in the back seat but if it was taken out of the box for transporting. Spend the 50 and get delivery. or better yet get a taxi (mini van )
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When I bought my 42" Sharp last year, it barely fit in the back seat of my Taurus. IIRC, the Sunfire is a smaller car (I rented one in Edmonton about 3 years ago), so I'd be surprised if that 50" set would fit in one. I wouldn't want to transport a set without proper packing.
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IIRC the backseat of the sunfire folds down so it may be possible to fit it in the truck/backseat lengthwise.

Obviously, your best bet is to get a measuring tape and ask for the dimensions of the box.

When I bought my 52" LCD, I simply said "If you want the sale, deliver it for free". They did. They also ensured the unit arrived safe and I had to sign that it did. Transportation is the easiest way to damage it. Many places will only charge $25 for delivery or some have a van you can rent by the hour.
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Please read the following recent thread on transporting a plasma.
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I don't think that is a question that can really be answered here.

There are many variables, like the year of the Sunfire, 2 door or 4 door, the size of the box for the 50' plasma TV, and the size of the interior.

Give us the measurements of the box and the measurements of the inside of your Sunfire and I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you if it will fit.
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I don't think that is a question that can really be answered here.
Yes it can - see post #3.

Seriously, though:
- A Sunfire is narrower than an Accord.
- A boxed 50" TV is wider than a boxed 46" TV.
- If I could barely squeeze a boxed 46" TV into the back seat area of my Accord, there's no way the OP can fit a boxed 50" TV into the back seat area of his Sunfire.

He may, however, be able to fit the unboxed TV into the back seat area.
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I'm trying to remember if I used my '92 Civic hatchback to transport my 50" plasma (boxed) or if I used my dad's SUV...can't remember now. It's amazing what you can fit in a hatchback. I'm assuming the OP has a sedan, as he specifically mentioned the back seat.
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With the box, definitely no.

Without the box, yes... short distance and VERY carefully.

I brought home my PRO-1150 (50" Pioneer Elite plasma) in a 4-door Sunfire.
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I was able to transport my 52" LCD (boxed) in my '07 Honda Fit. <bragging!>
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Good call on the minivan taxi sndwav. Should cost less than delivery most of the time. Or the free delivery if you want the sale line might work.
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I was barely able to get a 50" samsung in my full size ford pickup back seat so I would be very surprised if it fit in a small car!
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Just pay the 50 dollars to have it delivered. then its insured while intrasit. i had 52 inch tv and the box was massive, no way in hell that will fit in any conventional car. If your spending big bucks on a tv, spend a little more have the insurance that it will be transported safely,
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