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Originally Posted by Kevin007 View Post
I did it..Telus won....
got the iphone 3gs 16 gig on a 3 year (renewal) for 94$ plus tax using the "friends and family" website and a little bit of arguing.... the friends and family website was for NEW actiavtions only but i guess I got a person who wanted to make a sale......

anyways.. 94$ for the phone....
Share50 for iphone plus caller id voice mail 10 and unlimited texts/vid/pic msg for 10$ with the nation wide 5 numbers and 250 mins so for 60$ plus tax, I get 500mb data, 250 min,voice mail 10, caller Id, unlimited text/vid/pic msg, nationwide 5 numbers, is this a good deal?

I never got the phone yet, its in the mail, so I have 30 days... but I just know that very soon I bet you there will be a better plan,,,,, oh well.. I could always cancel.. and pay the ECF and I would still have a nice 300$ I pod touch with a camera.. lol (200ecf and 94$ phone cost)
Your plan is ok..
I'm getting very simalar,, 250 daytime, my5 nation wide, unlimited txt, voice mail 10, caller id, 1gb data though for 65+tax
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your lucky.... you got 500mb more data than me for 5 $ more.... i would pay that rightaway,,,,i only have 500mb....what did you say to get that much data...???
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Old 2009-12-06, 03:39 PM   #33
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Default here in Newfoundland ...

what I'm seeing is that the Bell, Telus and Rogers plans are almost identical ... similar minutes, similar data, similar add-ons. Ater some time with a smartphone on Rogers, I'm left with 2 practical observations: (1) 3G via Rogers sucks, so I will be testing data use if I consider Telus or Bell (I don't know if it's that much better elsewhere, but I suggest testing data speed anywhere) ... and (2) Rogers appears to be the only provider that still charges a "Government Regulatory Recovery Fee" which does add up over the length of your plan.

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mr weather
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Don't kid yourself. The other providers do too; they just bury it in the base monthly fee.
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Default Bell vs. Telus

I presently own a Telus regular motorola phone and I'm looking to upgrade to an Iphone. I've been with Telus for about 3 years and Bell is offering me to join my cell bill with my BellTV bill and save $10/month on BellTV and $5.00/month on the cell bill.

Both packages are at the same price which is $50/month. I would like to know if Telus can add some features that and compete with Bell.

Your comments please...

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Same network so if the package is cheaper on Bell, then that would be my choice.
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