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Default Nero tells Digital Home TIVO on your PC within 12 months

For those of you who missed it, last November Nero, developers of multimedia digital media software, and TiVo announced they had entered into an agreement to integrate TiVo's television user experience with Nero's next generation of PC software.

The goal would be software that could turn your PC into a TIVO digital video recorder. Plug a coaxial cable into your computer, output the signal to a television and your PC would do double duty as a TIVO unit.

When the announcement was made last year, no time frame was given as to when consumers might expect the new software, however, today I spoke to Richard Carriere President and General Manager of Nero who told me that consumers could expect the TIVO software to be available in the next 12 months.
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Originally Posted by hugh View Post
Plug a coaxial cable into your computer, output the signal to a television and your PC would do double duty as a TIVO unit.
...consumers could expect the TIVO software to be available in the next 12 months.
I'd love to have TIVO software features, but I already do about 80% of my recording in HD. I can't see using this to record analog cable.

To make products like this viable in future, there HAS to be some kind of cable-card (or that new one) for PCs. As usual, DRM is ensuring we are all securely locked into products from the biggest richest companies.
Mike / technut
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I agree. In this day and age where almost every primetime show is in HD. Not to have that functionality would be a waste. Maybe they add the ability to add OTA HD, but even that isn't much an option for most people.
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On this TiVo and Nero are well behind the curve. This type of user experience already exists in mature products from Snapstream and Sage ... not to mention ReplayTV.
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Agreed - this should be able to work with devices like a capture card with component inputs or the Tru2way card. Otherwise it is 5 years too late. What functionality would this have that you don't already get from Windows Media Center, Sage, Myth, GB-PVR or BeyondTV?
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I just decommisioned the PC set up for recording TV shows. Replaced with a Rogers 8300HD PVR.

If anyone can provide HD recording on a PC as easily as it is done with the PVR, I will switch back - but the Nero/Tivo announcement does not even come close.

If it comes free with Nero, I will get it, but otherwise.......
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I assume this will replace or enhance the Nero Home product that is bundled with Nero. I really cannot see TiVo or Nero giving this away. Maybe a lite version with Nero and an separate full version are planned.

I agree with some of the other sentiments expressed. Unless it is an exceptional product, it will be a "me too" product that misses the market window. TiVo is getting desperate because they are being pushed out of the market by proprietary products and the lack of a method to record HD in many market segments. I wish them luck.
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I see it as a separate prodict from the CD/DVD authoring/burning suite, but could have DVD burning built in.
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