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My comment is if CBC has the games I can watch at least one game over the air, and watch the rest by streaming from CBC. How many games are you going to be able to watch over the air on CTV (which would probably put them on TSN, TSN2, and if you don't subscribe to their packages on a BDU how many will you be able to get by streaming on internet?). One choice is better than none, not every one has or can get TSN, TSN2.
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hawkeye 2010
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the only thing that should be saved is the local news broadcast, at least we in n.s. get ns news unlike ctv witch has mostly n.b.
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Originally Posted by hawkeye 2010 View Post
the only thing that should be saved is the local news broadcast, at least we in n.s. get ns news unlike ctv witch has mostly n.b.
Thats odd, most of us in NB refer to CTV as the Halifax Evening News. :P

CBC definitely has the best local coverage in the Maritimes, particularly in NB now that the Irving papers are all blocked off. It's really the only local source there is.
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Default CBC Should Stick to News and Information Programming

IMHO, the CBC should just stick to what it does best: news and information programming (National, Marketplace, Fifth Estate, etc.).

On the 'Arts' front, if I had my way, rather than producing it's own original comedy and drama programming, it's TV offerings would focus more on both live and prerecorded performances of various Canadian musical artists, Orchestras, composers, songwriters, playwrights, etc. In effect, mirroring it's radio programing to some extent (minus the Radio 'Plays'--- old time radio is just that...) For example, I like the fact that 'Q' is filmed and available for viewing, especially for the musical performances.
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The sad part I feel here is that alot of children's programming is going to be cut to save some shows that don't need to be on. Two examples are Ron James show and Mister D.

Don't get me wrong I like Ron James show but I don't think its a show that CBC feels it has to have on. Mister D I could never get into anyway.
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