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Default C-band gear and install ?

Last year I bought an older 10ft dish with all the acc. off Kijiji, which I never got a chance to try and install, partly due to time and partly due to lack of info. I have a few questions relating to install and also viability of the electronic parts I have.

What came with the dish: a Toshiba TRX-120 receiver/controller, and LMB is a Global Image model# 6939 Temp K 45 Gain 69db, plus actuator, brackets, etc

So what I want or need to know is, are the receiver and LMB any good(don't care about HD) for picking up any channels.

Also how far into the ground should the pipe go, and how much concrete,

the other question I have is if the receiver is no good can I hook up something like a coolsat (lots of old ones cheap when the pirating stopped) through it to use the internal controller to move the dish

Thanks and sorry for being so much of a noob at FTA
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That is an analog receiver. I am not too sure there is much there anymore in analog.

Yes, you can get a coolsat or other DVB-FTA receiver and use it with that dish (you may need a new LNB, should upgrade to a C/Ku feedhorn.) You can use the TRX 120 to control the dish motors, or get a G-box/V-box to run the dish from the FTA receiver.
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Originally Posted by classicsat View Post
That is an analog receiver. I am not too sure there is much there anymore in analog.

There is zip in Analog these days unless you move to Thailand.
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