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Default How do I hook up PVR to get surround sound?

I'm new to this forum and new to home theatre systems so hopefully this question isn't too basic, but I'm a little baffled as to how to set up my PVR through my receiver to get surround sound. My blu-ray is working fine with surround sound. I have HDMI cables running to my receiver and the receiver and TV connected as well, but my PVR was just set up by the company I receive my cable and internet from. When they set it up they bypassed the receiver completely and just hooked up the HDMI directly into the TV. I want to use my surround sound so I'm hoping this is just an easy change (well, not so for me obviously). I unplugged the HDMI connection from the TV and plugged it into the "DVR" HDMI plug on the back of my receiver. When I turn everything on and select DVR on my receiver remote, I do not even get an input that lets me select the TV/PVR.

Do I need an additional HDMI cable from the PVR to the TV? The coaxial cable (for TV) that comes from the wall is connected to the back of the PVR, should it connect to the receiver instead? Help, like I said I'm a newbie to this, but thought this should be an easy fix.
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It seems like you have everything cabled correctly but you may need to program your receiver to switch the DVR input to HDMI.
Also you only need 1 HDMI from receiver to TV.
Give us the receiver model# if you can't get it it work.
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Also, once you get to the point that you are getting sound from the receiver, if you find that it's only stereo and not surround, you may have to change an audio output setting in the PVR.
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Hi, my receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1022. I just realized that I am able to get the sound from the TV and it is coming through my speakers, but no picture. My receiver is on "DVR" which is where the HDMI cable from the PVR is connected so that makes sense and is likely why I can hear the TV.

My TV is an LG 55- 5600. I click on "Home" and I'm able to choose the Input. My sound works when I have it on one of the 3 HDMI inputs, but no picture. I think I'm close and I appreciate your help.

I only have one connection to the TV via HDMI cable. My first note sounds confusing, but it is only one connection.
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It's working! Thanks for your help. When you said that the receiver needed to be programmed for the HDMI input, I went in search of how to do this in the user manual. Using the receiver Home menu, I was able to change the ARC to on and now I have the picture as well as the surround sound.
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