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Smile Changes for September

It seems we can expect a lot of changes (for the better) in September. The television universe is expected to expand substantially; which is why Novus is currently seeking input for channels we don't currently receive. So long as the CRTC has approved them for Canada, they'll be taken under consideration. Obviously, the more people request a particular service, the better the chance will be of welcoming that choice sometime in the fall.

Frankly, the one channel I'd want most of all (and I don't know if it's yet met with CRTC approval) is TCM-HD. Those who love classic films would be thrilled to find it on their channel selector. Even at an aspect ratio of 4:3, the films are so much sharper, crisper and alive than in SD that they're almost a completely different experience.

Perhaps people here could suggest and debate (in a friendly manner), the various options for added services, packaging, cost and so forth. Point being, now is the best time to make our collective voice heard.

I sincerely look forward to folks here offering their suggestions and recommendations. Fingers and other body parts are crossed in the hopes we can have an influence on Novus's ultimate decisions in a manner we all can accept and appreciate.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I, for one, am looking forward to your input.

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TCM-HD is on Bell Satellite, so it must be approved for distribution in Canada.
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That's terrific news, tvnut64. If enough folks bang that TCM-HD drum enough times, there's no doubt in my mind that Novus will make an effort to add that valuable service. Of course, the same holds true for any CRTC-approved HD channel.

From what I gather, there's going to be a glut of space come available in the fall. It appears that this will be the best chance to put forth our preferences in a very long time.
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All I'm waiting for is Space HD which is supposedly coming sept-octoberish from their response to my Facebook inquiry. Not aware of any other Canada approved channel I am waiting for apart from maybe NFL Network HD.

Noticed that they also moved TSN HD and TSN2 HD into the included digital basic channels from the sports package recently which is good as I wasn't willing to pay for the sports package just to be able to watch CFL football and MNF in HD.
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