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Default Loss of HD signal

Last night I noticed continual loss of the HD signal. Screen would go black for about 1 sec come back for about a minute and then black again. When I switched to the corresponding SD channel and then back to the HD channel it was fine. This happened on different channels US and Canadian.

Has anyone noticed this?
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Did you check your signals strength and S/N ratio at the time? Often if the weather is cold there is contraction of the metals and sometimes the connections outside are not as good as they were in summer. If you have a marginal signal, it can explain the issue. And yes, it can affect different channels differently. The higher QAM frequencies are usually affected first.

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Is your hd box plugged into your TV via HDMI?

Another possibility can be simply a bad syncro between your TV and receiver if the problem becomes recurring. In those cases you need to shut everything down, unplug your receiver from the wall, unplug the HDMI cable, and plug your power cable back in. Wait for the boot THEN plug the HDMI cable back in (once you see the time your receiver is booted)

It happens more often with boxes that are left on during the night, but it could happen with any box that is plugged via HDMI, its one of these boxes failings.
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