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Old 2011-09-14, 05:56 PM   #481
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Hi. I'm with Videotron near Montreal and with the TGV60 service, I hit an average of 62 Mbps down and 3.0 upstream. At 94.72$ a month, this thing better rock although you'll agree with me that upstream could be somewhat speedier in this day and age!
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Old 2011-09-15, 06:49 PM   #482
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Shaw Extreme (25/2.5) in Calgary. Don't know why, but only on Linux I can get this result. On Windows 7 I get around 20-22 down.
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Old 2011-09-15, 07:33 PM   #483
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Originally Posted by Mr Canoehead

The ISP's pay speedtest so it looks like you get great numbers.

The results are not accurate. I am actually getting near what my ISP advertises (39 Mbps vice 5.7 with testmy) because I can see current DL speeds with my binary news reader.

and here is the speed test results again:

That about 5 MB/s for the test, and 4.7 MB/sec sustained download speed with a news reader, and I am not even sure is the news reader or server is getting bottle necked at all since I can only have 10 connections...
I would say testmy is a poor choice of testing ISPs as it is not even close to what actual speeds really are (for me anyways)
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Old 2011-09-24, 06:17 PM   #484
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Bell Fibe 25 (25Mbit/sec down, 7Mbit/sec up):

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Old 2011-09-24, 10:09 PM   #485
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Default go here to get a true reading on your fiber speeds.
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Old 2011-09-30, 11:28 AM   #486
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Default New TekSavvy customer

My TekSavvy Extreme Cable connection was activated today in Markham and I couldn't be happier! Although advertised at 15Mb/s (compared to Rogers at 12MB/s), I'm getting actual throughput of 17Mb/s down compared to 9Mb/s down from Rogers. Add that to a cap of 300GB/mo, no traffic shaping, and $10 cheaper! Farewell, Rogers!

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Old 2011-11-03, 02:29 PM   #487
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Cool Slow speeds?

Ugh I am on Telus download speed is 13.95 Mb/s.......slow? Should it be faster?

Upload speed is 0.69 Mb/s.

Speedtest says I rate a "C" Nationally and Globally.
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Old 2011-11-05, 12:02 PM   #488
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Moved from Teksavvy DSL to Cogeco this week. Big improvement in service and speeds.

On the T20 package (20M down/ 1.5M up). Have been getting these speeds (sustained). Also, I have the IP Phone package on the same modem.
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Old 2012-01-25, 12:53 AM   #489
Michael DeAbreu
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Default Telus High Speed ?

Telus High Speed Turbo
North Vancouver, BC
$44, 15MB download, 1MB upload

2010 Shaw Extreme

2009 Shaw High Speed
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Old 2012-02-18, 09:03 PM   #490
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New with teksavvy cable internet 43mb/s dl 1mb/s ul. $61 per month unlimited. should of switched from robbers long time ago.

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Old 2012-04-23, 01:39 PM   #491
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Switched from Bell 4Mb unlimited to Teksavvy 12Mb unlimited today. I live in downtown Toronto in a five year old condo. With Bell we were getting max speeds. With Teksavvy it's less than max.

Is this normal?

TP-Link 8816 ADSL2 modem. Latest firmware.
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Old 2012-05-02, 11:15 PM   #492
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Maybe your line is not able to handle more than ~ 10mbps. You can ask TSI what is your line stat, or you could get your line stat yourself.

The modem you have is not supported on the best tool: DMT Tool, but you can use OrbMT to get basic line stat

you can find the software there:

The software is in English and it will give your your maximum attainable line speed (RCO). If you are close to 100% there's nothing you can do about it except try to clean your internal wire.

hope this help

My New Connection:
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Old 2012-05-02, 11:48 PM   #493
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On Rogers Ultimate - advertised as 75/2 (a bit of speedburst going on?)
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Old 2012-05-03, 12:03 AM   #494
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Yes Rogers is using Speedburst Technology.
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Old 2012-05-07, 01:35 PM   #495
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Originally Posted by vitesse View Post
Maybe your line is not able to handle more than ~ 10mbps. You can ask TSI what is your line stat, or you could get your line stat yourself.
Got some help from TSI tech Martin. Turns out I didn't disconnect all phones (went dry loop.) There was one left that was still plugged in with a filter. Once that was gone the download speed went up to about 10.50Mbps which is in the ballpark of my expectations.
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