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Default Can't find Al Jazeera

Said to be on Gal 19...even on THE most authoritative site, Al Jazeera's own web site, but using its freq, figures etc. no signal appears. Had it a few months ago but only record of where it was, was in a Favorite list on my RCVR, but last time I tried it a few days signal. And, as it happens lost all Fav due to a power surge deleted them.

Other Forum sites state Al Jazeera English on Galaxy 19, Tr 26, 12152V, 4025-4035 but no signal. I might email Al Jazeera except they don't show a "contact us" email address. If I could, I am tempted to tell them that THEIR OWN FREQ'S ETC DO NOT WORK.

It must be on a satellite somewhere as some Cable and consumer Satellite companies are carrying it and they must be picking it up from some satellite!.

Also, Russia Today I can't find it had been one I lost from my Favorite list due to the power surge. Googled for it and Al Jazeera but no luck.

Hope someone can tell me where to find Al Jazeera particularly.

I just registered for this '" site....and was accepted, but unsure if this post will go through.

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