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Default Broken Recordings

I`ve been out of town since Tuesday morning. When I got back this afternoon (Thursday) I checked my 2 630s. All looked okay on one, on the other, I had a couple of 1 hr. recordings that showed up as being about 3.5 hrs. When I tried to access them, the only option I got was `delete this recording` So I did delete them.

On the other 630, which looked fine, I went to view a recording and when I clicked on watch, nothing happened. This happened on a couple others, too, so I did a front panel reboot. When it came back, all those recordings that I couldn`t play came back with the +/- sign which I believe is a broken recording.

I reset the other 630 and the same thing, most every recording Tuesday evening was broken and all of them from late Tuesday on are broken. And it won`t let me even start them.

As a test, I set a recording for 330p. As soon as it started recording, the channel I was watching froze up. Once I changed channel, it was okay. Very strange.

Has anyone else had these issues this week?

Could it be sun transits, or another satellite failure?
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