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Originally Posted by Pinza View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble but both Telus and Bell TV offer full 1080p VOD from their HD PVR's.

This is the Telus Satellite thread, the receiver being discussed is the 9241, the exact same one used by Bell TV.
Please don't quote me out of context. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, I was referring to TV broadcasts not VOD content.

To my knowledge no provider currently gives its customers access to 1080p signals for HD TV broadcasts, either compressed or uncompressed. I certainly can't see it happening with Optik unless new 'lossless' compression methods become available, and while that is quite likely around the corner, its not here yet. For TELUS the bandwidth required for 1080p on Optik using MPEG4 compression would be too great. Maybe if we were all fiber fed, all the way to our homes, but ATM not enough TELUS customers are to make this possible.

Anyone with info to the contrary? I would appreciate links.

Quite right though this isn't the Optik thread

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