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Default 6000 keeps changing channels by itself...help please!

Hi, I'm trying to help my Mom and Dad. They live far away from me and I'm trying to troubleshoot via email.

They live in an apartment building and say that sometimes their 6000 just starts changing channels by itself and sometimes it just keeps on doing it.

Could this be someone with the same remote id in the building?

I was thinking of getting them to take off the UHF antenna to see if it's something to do with UHF interference.

Could it actually be a receiver malfunction?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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There's a very good chance someone else in the building has their remote id set the same as your parents (probably an out of the box default setting).
I'm not familiar with the 6000 but, with the 9200 you can change the remote id, I would look into that option.
Removing the antenna may also work in that it would lower the reception distance (if it doesn't eliminate it).
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I'd have a remote war with their opponents. Unplug their receiver, and (having memorizing the keystrokes) access a PPV porn channel, approve the purchase, and repeat regularly. I guarantee your folks won't have to change their remote address after doing this a few times. For speedier response, try one of the gay PPV porn channels...
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I'm not familiar with the 6000 but, with the 9200 you can change the remote id, I would look into that option.
The 6000 also has the option to change the remote address, but as mentioned above, removing the uhf aerial from the set top box could be an alternative.
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The info on how to change the remote number is in the manual.
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You must be on the System Info screen. It will probably show remote address 1:

Press and hold the Sat button until all the top buttons light up.

Enter the new remote address number on the remote. (Edit- enter two digit code- ie "08" instead of "8", then when done press #)

Press the record button on the remote.

Remote address on Sys Info screen should change.

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I just added one small step to your instructions Peano.
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