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The Wanderer
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Default Music Files and embedded information

I have a number of music files that I have downloaded and when I add columns in explorer for artist and genre. When I have the column created with the Artists label ... and I want to add the artist name .. I have no way to enter the info... is there a way I can do that?
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Right-click the file and choose PROPERTIES. Use the SUMMARY tab to make any changes you want.
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You can also use a music organizing program such as iTunes or Windows media player 10 or musicmatch.

It will act as a Jukebox for your collection.
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Data stored in an .mp3 file is called a tag. For MP3's, there are a few versions. The first is called ID3v1 which was able to store basic information such as album, artist, year.

The second is ID3v2, a more flexible format wich contains many fields and even the ability to store pictures.

It is always a good habit to ensure all the tag information is entered and correct. This will make things easier when you want to store your music somewhere such as a portable player or music library software.

My personal favorite tool for editing tags is MP3tag which can do a lot of things including adding album art, mass changes, and file renames.
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