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Default CCTV signage

Hey guys... I'm in Ontario and i live in a condo complex which doesn't have any security cameras. my vehicle seems to be picking up scratches overnight...
If i was to purchase a cctv camera and hide it somewhere in the car to look out the window to see who's involved would i need to post some kind of warning signs? Would it be legal to just film video and not post sign?

I haven't been able to find a clear answer on this as the documents i found are outlines for public places surveillance which i don't think describes me (or correct me otherwise).

Thanks in advance
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I don't believe there's much of an expectation of privacy when someone's in your parking spot scratching your car up.

Just get the camera and catch the perp. Nobody has a right to scratch up your car.
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I don't believe you do. The signs you see in stores are more to deter people from committing crimes in the first place. Set up and record away.

I live in an apartment with my windows overlooking the parking lot where my car is. The building has multiple cameras, but none for the parking area so I set up a personal camera that records the area around my car. I use a HD webcam and the basic webcam software. It is inside my window under the drapes to hide it. Use whatever works best for your needs. My camera has caught a few drug deals, and a woman backing her car into the power pole back there, but nothing against my car *yet*. Good luck on catching whoever is vandalizing your car!

This is what my camera sees:
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