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Default Demon's Souls or Dragon Age

I am thinking of grabbing one of the titles mentioned in the title....

Having never really played a RPG style game, what do you guys/gals recommend to start with?

Demon Souls seems intriguing to me, with the online play, however, should the uncertainty of the time the servers will stay up steer me away from this one?

re: Dragon Age - I was thinking maybe grabbing the Ultimate Ed. as it has the expansion pack or whatever with it. Is there online play in this one?
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I haven't played either game, but I was reading some reviews about Demon's Souls on amazon, and from those reviews I got the impression the game is very, very, VERY hard. Kinda scared me away from it.
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I saw that too, but I enjoy a challenge, as long as it isn't stupid hard. I read that if you think it through it makes it not as difficult as some say.
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Demon's souls is very hard ,but its one of the best games i've played ,when you defeat a boss its such a pleasure and relief cause some are very hard.I finally finished it took over 100 hours to level up enough so i could beat it!As for the servers ,you can still enjoy it without online ,bout all there is in online is someone of same level can invade you,or help you defeat a boss ,vice versa ,and its 20 bucks now ,well worth it!OH unless you wait for dark souls ,out in october!
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Demon's Souls is more of an Action RPG than Dragon Age. By that I mean that in Dragon Age you instruct a character to attack, and the attack is automatically made. The character will keep attacking until the enemy is killed or new instructions are given. Whether the attacks hit are not is based on math (your attack rating vs opponents defence). In Demon's Souls, you are completely in control of your character on attack and on defence - and defence is way more of an important (and difficult) skill to master.

For me, Demon's Souls is the best game I have played on this generation of consoles. Don't think of Demon's Souls as hard. Think of it as unforgiving.

If you want a more traditional (and pretty darn good) RPG - Dragon Age is the one to pick up.
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Thanks for the input. As much as Demon's Souls intrigued me, I ended up grabbing Dragon Age Ultimate Ed at lunch for $29.99CDN.

The guy at the store actually told me he has had people wanting to return Demons Souls because it was too hard....?

Anyways, as pinner62 mentioned, I will probably give Dark Souls a try when it comes out.

I think I might like the action type RPG (as described by Dioneo) better in the long run (seeing as I totally enjoy God of War, Uncharted), but as I said above, will probably wait for Dark Souls.

I'll give Dragon Age a shot this weekend/week (I am off all week next week!), and see how that goes.
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Absolutely love Demon's Souls. Yes it was stupid hard, but totally worth the patience as it was one of the greatest gaming experiences I have had in a long time. I never played the first Dragon Age, but the demo of the second completely turned me off of any purchase for the series.
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